Behind the Artistry

Made to last for generations, each Solo rug is crafted by a team of artisans. At a minimum, it takes months to complete the age-old process; here’s a peek at how it happens.


Design & Graph

A great rug starts with a great design. Once planned out, the motifs, proportions, and colors are moved to graph paper.


Translate to Taalim

To start, the rug design is translated into the age-old language of Taalim. Eventually weavers will use Taalim to construct the rug, as the language indicates its knots and colors.


Spin & Dye

Our rugs are crafted of either hand-spun or machine-spun wool and then dyed with either vegetable or chromium dyes. Hand-spun, vegetable-dyed wool has a natural, organic look, whereas machine-spun, chromium-dyed wool is more uniform and fine.



Learning how to weave a rug is a skill handed down by generations. As they weave, artists at the loom take their cues from the Taalim, which is read aloud. Geographic location and tribal customs also vary the weaving style.



Washing a rug not only cleans it, but also brings out its luster, vibrance, and texture. Our artisans have perfected this practice over 30 years of dedicated work.

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