How Our

Rugs Are Made

Handmade rugs have been made following a virtually unchanged process for thousands of years. Passed down from generation to generation of draftsmen, weavers, and dyers, these techniques are what make Solo rugs so exquisite and durable.

The meticulous process, which takes months—sometimes years—of detailed work, is standard for all of our rugs, from traditional and floral to modern and abstract. Not only are the final products beautiful, but the production itself is mesmerizing to watch.

Here’s a peek at how it happens.


The Design

Since each design requires unique combinations of colors and textures of yarn to produce, rug producers continue to spin and dye yarn in small batches. Wool and plant fibers are washed, combed, and meticulously stretched and spun into yarn. While some spinning is done by hand, creating a rustic appearance, other yarns are machine-spun to produce a more precise and delicate quality.

Prepping The Yarn

Weaving The Rug